The Guild of The Dome - and the projects that the Guild will make possible - sets new milestones in the history of Mankind, and not just in the history of the over seven centuries old Opera del Duomo, or of the City of Florence.


Enrico Marinelli Art Award

In memory of the extraordinary contribution of Enrico Marinelli, creator of the Guild of the Dome, Opera del Duomo starts an international competition among contemporary artists close to the spirit which animated the great past masters whose works adorn the Florentine monuments and fill the Cathedral Museum. Read more...

The North Door is back

This video shows all the phases involved into the lost wax casting of the North Door bronze replica by Lorenzo Ghiberti, to the Florence Baptistery.
The casting took almost 4 years to be completed, and the door replicas will be affixed onto the Baptistery,on Saturday January the 23rd.
This humongous project has been achieved thanks to the sponsorship of the members of the Guild of the Dome Association; entrepreneurs from all over the world who share the commitment to preserve art and communicate universal values trough art.

Aa Aeternam Memoriam - In Endless Memory

The Guild of the Dome founding members contributed to preserve a world’s heritage site, by financing not only the restoration of the original artwork by Lorenzo Ghiberti, the North Door to the Florence Baptistery.

They also contributed to the production of the faithful lost wax cast replica, now affixed on the Baptistery itself.
By doing so, they have granted themselves, with a symbolically “small” donation, a piece of immortality: their names chiseled in eternal memory, on the back of the North Door replica.
A symbol of their grate magnanimity to which all mankind you will pay eternal tribute.


The Gates of Paradise arrives in Seoul and welcomes the Pope Francis


Mumbai museum opens doors to Florentine Renaissance

Florentine masterpieces, as the museum-quality replica of the Gates of Paradise and the first eight panels of the North Door of the Florence Baptistery, are now exceptionally displayed in Mumbai for three months. Read more...

The unveiling of the first stages of the restoration of the North Door of the Florence Baptistery

A new “Paradise” was unveiled under the thick dark sedimented materials, on the surface of the panels of the North Door. Read more...


Sharing Universal Values Through Art

The mission of the Guild of the Dome modernizes and internationalizes a typically corporative Florentine spirit, which is characterized by the commitment of the private sector towards art and culture, with an eye on the future...




The restoration of Lorenzo Ghiberti's North Door of the Baptistery

The Baptistery of Saint John is probably the oldest monument in Florence, hosting an extraordinary concentration of masterpieces, from mosaics to bronze pieces of sculpture.

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