The unveiling of the first stages of the restoration of the North Door of the Florence Baptistery

The discovery after the cleaning: the panels are gilded

A new “Paradise” was unveiled under the thick dark sedimented materials, on the surface of the panels of the North Door.

Sparkling, brilliant, unexpected and unknown details of the guilding and chisel were revealed for the first time in centuries, after the preliminary phases of the restoration at the laboratories of Opificio delle Pietre Dure were completed.
The Ceremony on the 26th November 2013 celebrated both the extraordinary early results of the restoration and the official welcome to the new Members of the Guild of the Dome Association, the Raia Family from United States.

The Ceremony was another tribute to the members of the Guild of the Dome., whose contributions are funding the restoration of the first door by Ghiberti - the North Door, and making it possible to be completed in only two years. The restoration of the second door by Ghiberti - Gates of Paradise, took over twenty years, also due to lack of adequate funding. Founding member Andrea Zambon shared with the audience the mission of the guild and the motivation of its members from all over the world.